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Once the applicator is securely in place, the machine is configured and the customer is free to do almost anything he wants, as long as the treatment area remains relatively still (so that the applicator does not dislodge) freeze2trim. In 1963, cold panniculitis was reported in a young woman, much older than in previously reported patients, who had been young children or babies freeze2trim. After further testing, the researchers could even replicate the effect using ice cubes freeze2trim. In 1966, a more extensive investigation was conducted with a 6-month-old boy to determine how cold affected the union of the dermal and subdermal layers over time freeze2trim By doubling the effect, they observed the area 30 minutes after exposure, after 6 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 6 days and finally, two weeks freeze2trim. They discovered that harder plaques formed around 48 or 72 hours, but that the effects were not lasting freeze2trim. From there, doctors Ervin H freeze2trim Epstein, Jr freeze2trim and Mark E freeze2trim .Oren published an article in 1970 about a condition they called palette panniculitis because they were able to recreate an effect similar to cold panniculitis by having children suck lollipops freeze2trim .Red spots appeared on children's cheeks in the hours after consumption freeze2trim.,28226.0.html

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